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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine first aired in January, 1993 well over a year after the death of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. When compared to The Original Series and The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine was written off as too “dark,” “edgy,” and “the black sheep” of the Star Trek family, a show that did not fit Roddenberry’s vision of the future. But someone was still watching as the show lasted seven seasons. Now, over twenty years later, fans all over the world are rediscovering Deep Space Nine and embracing the show with an enthusiasm rivaling the affection they feel for any other Star Trek series. Critics are even calling the show the Jewel in the Crown and the best of the Star Trek franchise. A devoted sci-fi fan might rightly ask themselves; “What the hell happened?”

Our documentary film, What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, will take a detailed look at this historic series and consider the reasons Deep Space Nine went from a family outcast to a Star Trek mainstay.  The film will also contain a “what if” segment in which the original writers brainstorm a theoretical 8th season of the show.


We have interviewed many of the people involved in the production of Deep Space Nine, and continue to add more names as we continue to expand the documentary.

The Filmmakers

Ira Steven Behr

Co-Director / Executive Producer

Joseph Kornbrodt


David Zappone

Co-Director / Executive Producer

Kai de Mello-Folsom


Adam Nimoy

Executive Producer

Luke Snailham

Editor / Producer

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