Backer FAQ

Backer Frequently Asked Questions

Where's my stuff?

For updates on perk fulfillment, please see our schedule. Many of the items that were available on our Indiegogo campaign will have very different fulfillment dates. Naturally, you wouldn't want us to ship you a Blu-Ray of the documentary until the film has been finished, because then you'd just have an empty disc that's better suited as a coaster, and who want's that?

Wait, you have coasters?

COASTERS!.. That would've made a great Indiegogo perk. Unfortunately , that one escaped us. Live and learn.

Can I change my perk?

You should have received an email survey link from BackerKit. When completing the survey, you will have some limited options to change your perk level. Please note that if you had already selected a limited reward, such as the "Terry's Trouble with Tribbles" perk, you will be unable to reclaim that if you change your perk level. Of course if you wanted something like an extra t-shirt, you can add-on to your existing contribution.

I never received my survey, what do I do?

Please check your spam folder. If you still don't find it, you can visit and enter the email you used when making a contribution on Indiegogo. Your survey will then be resent.

I selected multiple perks, but only one of them is listed in my survey.

You may have multiple surveys waiting for you. For assistance on locating them, please contact the BackerKit customer support here.

I don't remember what email address I used.

Please contact the BackerKit customer support here.